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Northampton County League Tournament Matchups

The Northampton County League in Region 2 will begin its postseason tournament on Tuesday with four best-of-three games series.  The opening round matchups are as follows:


#8 Wanderers vs. #1 Hellertown

#5 Northampton vs. #4 Roseto

#6 Big Pocono vs. #3 Easton

#7 Nazareth vs. #2 Birches

The four victors will move on to the best-of-three games semifinal series.

Game 1 Results

Northampton 5, Roseto 2 (Northampton leads series 1-0)

Birches 6, Nazareth 0 (Birches lead series 1-0)

Hellertown 13, Wanderers 1 (Hellertown leads series 1-0)

Game 2 Results

Hellertown 8, Wanderers 3 (Hellertown wins series 2-0)

Roseto 13, Northampton 0 (Series tied 1-1)

Friday's Results

Roseto 9, Northampton 8

Big Pocono 3, Easton 1

Big Pocono 6, Easton 5 (Big Pocono wins series 2-0)

Birches 5, Nazareth 1


Birches vs. Big Pocono

Hellertown 1, Roseto 0 (Hellertown leads series 1-0)

Roseto defeated Hellertown (Series tied 1-1)

Hellertown 4, Roseto 1 (Hellertown wins series 2-1)

Finals Best of Three

Hellertown 10, Big Pocono 0 (Hellertown leads series 1-0)

Hellertown 6, Big Pocono 0 (Hellertown wins championship series 2-0)


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