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Exclusive Interview: Pennridge Manager Rocky Wright (Part 2)

This is part two of the exclusive interview with Pennridge manager Rocky Wright.  Fresh off a Bux-Mont League title, PA Region 2 title, and PA runner-up finish, Coach Wright was gracious enough to do an extensive interview with us.  We hope you enjoy it!  Be sure to leave a comment if you like the interview or have any questions for Rocky, he frequents the site and can see the comments personally.

Interview Part 2:


How did the team get out to Illinois?  How was the experience of traveling out of state with your team?

Coach Wright:

Our travel experience didn't quite go as planned.  We all met at the Lansdale interchange of the turnpike and proceeded to the airport.  We boarded the plane for our 6:30 AM flight to Chicago/Midway only to be told that there was a "ground stop" at both airports in Chicago because of bad weather.  We could not take off until all was clear on the other end. We finally took off at 9:50 AM!   We were to change planes in Chicago for a quick flight to Indianapolis! {back to the Eastern time zone}! Southwest Airlines held our flight so we wouldn't miss it! Once we got to Indy we still had a 2 1/2 hour bus ride!!  Great planning, huh!  Some of our fans and parents who drove out beat us!  After our elimination on Saturday we were bussed back to the hotel so we could get cleaned up, get our rooms inspected and get ready for immediate travel home!  The travel agent could not get us any flights that night so they decided to put us on a motor coach at 6:00 PM and bus us home! UGH! 14 long hours!  We had to be dropped off at the Phila.  Airport because that is where we were parked! Then we had another hour home.  We arrived home at 10:00 AM Sunday morning!  So, good or bad the travel was definitely an experience that we won't soon forget.


You got to play a bunch of teams from the Midwest, how was that experience? Did those teams play a similar style game as to what you see in PA?

Coach Wright:

Mattoon, Illinois was a great experience!  Great facilities,great fans, friendly staff , very organized.  The teams that were there were really good but I do not think we were out-classed in the least!



How did the travel affect your team, if at all? Did it change the way you prepared for the game or cause any fatigue?

Coach Wright:

I think we were just flat for our first game.  We did not pitch, field, or hit well.  Maybe our "planes,trains, and automobiles" experience did have something to do with it but I will not make any excuses!


The team was eliminated by Terre Haute, Indiana on the third day of the tournament.  They ended up making it to the Great Lakes Regional final on Monday.  How good was that team?

Coach Wright:

The Terre Haute team was very good.  We lost to them 6-2.  Their coach told me after that game that they were very happy to get past us. The game was much closer than the score indicated.  We could just as easily have beaten them with a little luck or a timely hit.  I thought Terre Haute was the best team there but it is very difficult to beat a team twice in a tournament.{as we found out earlier at States}.


Finally, how will these experiences help shape the program in the coming years? What can we expect from Pennridge next year?

Coach Wright:

The future of Pennridge Post 255 is very bright!  We return 12 players from this years roster that will be one year older,wiser, and stronger, not to mention that they know what it takes to win at the next level!  Winning breeds winning. We may now get the AAU player or the good player who didn't want to play summer baseball.  I think that Pennridge Legion Baseball has jumped to the next level and can now be mentioned in the same breath as the Spring City's and the Boyertown's.  It also helps that league in which we play {Bux-Mont } is in my opinion the best in the State of Pennsylvania!!

Once again, we'd like to express our gratitude towards Coach Wright for taking the time to answer our questions and share his thoughts and experiences with fans from across the state.  Pennridge represented the state admirably this season and will surely be back contending for the state title next year!



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