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2011 Legal Bat Clarification

We've received a large amount of inquiries from concerned parents and coaches about what bats are and are not legal for use in the 2011 season.  We'll attempt to clarify the regulations as best as we understand them.

To put it simply, in 2011 legion baseball is still under last year's rules of general BESR bats being allowed and BESR composite bats being illegal.  BBCOR bats are legal this year and will be the only bats legal next year.  More is outlined by the national legion here:

The lists of approved and illegal bats are found in three lists: BBCOR, BESR certified, and BESR illegal. ;

In addition, it should be noted that the national legion  has placed a moratorium of the use of any type of composite bat (handle, barrel or both) for the 2011 season.  Therefore, if your bat is in any way made of composites, it is not legal for use.

Make sure to check (and double check) the lists for your exact bat model, model number, and dimensions.  Hopefully this alleviates some of the confusion we've been hearing about.  

Feel free to comment or email us with any questions. 

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