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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the site? Are you affiliated with American Legion Baseball?

To start off, no, we do not work for, nor are we affiliated in any way, to Pennsylvania American Legion Baseball or any of its members. We're simply fans of the game who were frustrated by the lack of information about PA ALB on the internet. We made this site because it's what we've been looking for for years... one centralized location for all news related to Pennsylvania American Legion Baseball, and a place where fans of all levels can congregate and speak to each other intelligently.

What are some of the features of your site? Anything I should be made aware of? 

We believe we have the most expansive coverage of American Legion Baseball, outside of the National Legion website, on the entire internet. Maintaining and building this website was and is a daunting task that we pour many hours a day into. With that being said, we strive to have the most up to date scores and standings from around the state for every league in every region. We have quite a collection of links, sorted by region, that even show a screenshot of the website that you're about to visit. Though it hasn't taken off too much yet, we have a moderated forum for discussion of PA ALB that we believe will rival any in terms of the layout and the professionalism of how the forum is maintained. We'll be adding featured games that we personally make it out to, with brief synopses and pictures.  

I've got an idea for something you should add to the site, or a way to make the site better.

That's great, let us hear it! Our goal is to provide a great website to you, the fan, so anything you'd like to see added we'll work on immediately.

How can I help?

We are most appreciative of the fellow fans out there who enjoy what they see and are interested in supporting the site. The site and its contents takes many hours a day to maintain and update, so any help you believe you could provide with reporting scores, providing schedules, or even writing content would really help us out.

Where do you get your information?

Do we have special connections and every legion team across the state on speed dial? No... we wish, but maybe that is something to shoot for in the future. Each morning and night we scour the depths of the internet searching for both league and non-league results from across the state. As you can imagine, this is no easy feat and takes many hours a day. So, if you see a score that we missed or a standing that isn't updated, please let us know and we'll fix it as soon as possible. If you think you can be assistance to us in reporting scores from your area, please contact us!

I enjoy writing, is there a way I can write for the site?

Absolutely! Whether you're an accomplished Pulitzer Prize winning author or just an amateur blogger who enjoys the game like us, we've got room for you on the site. No experience writing is required at all, we'd be honored to display whatever writing it is you're interested in doing on the front page of the site. We have already had a few people from across the state write stories and would love to have you too. Just let us know!

How can I contact you? And who are the site administrators?

Site members 'legion baseball' and 'Adam' are the site owners and administrators. We're basically the ones who do everything you see here, so if you have a question, comment, or concern please don't hesitate to message one of us. Also, our email address is: [email protected] Feel free to send any inquiries or questions you may have to that address and we'll get back to you immediately.

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